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Game Statistics


Cats drop nail biter to rival
Yellow Jackets 24-22
- Thor Long throws for 97yds.
- Nate James 74yd. Kickoff Return, TOUCHDOWN!
- Jason Shelton 85yd. TOUCHDOWN run!
-Zack Whitfield 18yd TOUCHDOWN run!
- Interceptions by Nate James & Zach Whitfield
- Jason Shelton 50yd run
- Honorable Mention: Qualin Taylor & Josh Cleveland
Cats Vs. McKinney Johnson
- Tyler Liss starts first game at QB
- Jason Shelton runs 72yd TD
- Thor Long 14 Tackles
-Qualin 25yd run
Honorable Mention:
Jason Shelton for tackling #38 on kickoff, Zach Whitfield for SPINEBUSTER tackles.
Cats Vs. Scotts
Thor Long-8, Tyler Liss-1
-Jason Shelton Fake Punt
-Thor Long Fumble Recovery
-Zach Whitfield Interception
-Nathan James Deflected Pass
-Thor Long Block Punt
-Spanky and Torey Minor Receptions
-Tyler Liss 25 Yard Run
-Qualin Briscoe-7,
-Torey Minor-6,
-Jerrid Wright & Kyle Crick-5,
-Zach Whitfield, Spanky, Zac Fortune, and William Henderson-4,
-Thor Long, Tyler Liss,Nate James, and Josh Cleveland-3.
Cats Vs. McKinney Dowell
**Zach Whitfield rushed 131 yards on 9 carries.
-Thor Long passed to Tory Minor for 83 yard Touchdown.
-Zach Whitfield 66 yard Touchdown Run
-Nate Jame 25 yard run.
-Defense for 3 Defensive Stands!
-Kyle Crick had 2 stripped footballs Nate James and Thor Long had 1 each
- Tory Minor had 3 Fumble Recoveries
-William Henderson, Jerrel Mays, Spanky, and Jaquelin Briscoe all had 1 Fumble Recovery Each.
-Defense 7 Turnovers.
-Thor Long 7 Completions.
-Torey Minor and Zach Whitfield each had 4 and 3 Receptions.
-Tyler Liss and Nate James for Touchdown Saving Tackles
-Lineman for Blocking in 1st Half.
-Tory Minor and Spanky 7,
-Tyler Liss 6,
-Jaqualin Briscoe 5, Jerrid Wright,
-Thor Long, Nate James, Zach Whitfield, Kauilon Taylor, all had 4,
-Kyle Crick, James Holt, Josh Cleveland all had 3,
-William Henderson and Jeb Martin had 2. 
Cats vs. Cougars
-Thor Long 11 Completions:
-Tory Minor 4 Receptions
-Nate James 3 Receptions
-Zach Whitfield 3 Receptions
-Spanky 1 Reception
-Thor Long passed to Tory Minor for 7 yard Touchdown.
-Thor Long passed to Nate James for 6 yard Touchdown.
-Thor Long passed to Zach Whitfield for 6 yard Touchdown.
-Nate James 67yds. Rushing
-Thor Long 60yds. Rushing
-Zach Whitfield 53yds. Rushing
Jason Shelton 20yds. Rushing
-Offensive Linemen were OUTSTANDING!
-Zach Whitfield had an Interception
Please be patient,#'s are coming in
Cats vs. Panthers
-Offensive Line for the WHOLE GAME
-Tyler Liss 1 Completion
-Zac Whitfield 91 yard Touchdown Run
-Thor Long 23 yard Touchdown Run
-Tory Minor 1 Reception
-Tyler Liss passed to Tory Minor for a 42 yard Touchdown Pass
-Nate James 70 yard Touchdown on a Kickoff Return
-Sacks: JaQualin Brescoe 2, A.J Swindell, Tory Minor, Qualin Taylor,and William Henderson all had 1. 
-Zac Whitfield had 158 yds Rushing
-Eric Hosek made 2 Field Goals
-Nate James had 106 yards Rushing
Thor Long 12, Kyle Crick 5, Zac Whitfield, Jaqualin Brescoe, James Holt, Tory Minor, and A.J. Swindell had 4, Carter McMillan, Nate James, Spanky, Jerrid Wright, and Qualin Taylor all had 3, #32, #38,#35, and #29 all had 2.
Honorable Mention:
*Tie for BIGGEST HIT, Thor Long on #42, and James Holt on #42.
*Tyler Liss for BIGGEST BLOCK Downfield
*Touchdown Saving Tackle by Carter McMillan
*Tyler Liss Knocking a Pass Down that would have been a 1st Down
Cats Vs. Staley
-Thor Long completed 7 Passes
-62 yard Pass to Spanky
-32 yard Pass Touchdown Pass to Spanky
-9 yard Touchdown Pass to Tory Minor
-10 yard Pass to Tory Minor
-36 yard Pass to Tory Minor
-5 yard Pass to Nate James
-26 yard to Zach Whitfield
-Tyler Liss completed 20 yard Touchdown Pass to Tory Minor
-Erik Hosek kicked 3 Field Goals
-Zach Whitfield had 165 yards
-Nate James had 39 yards Rushing
-Spanky had 94 yards Receiving
-Tory Minor had 75 yards Receiving
-Offensive Line was AWESOME!
-Defense for being STINGY!
-Spanky and Zach Whitfield for Interceptions
-Tory Minor and A.J Swindel for Blocked Punts
-Nate James and Zach Whitfield for Pass Deflections
-William Henderson, Thor Long, and Spanky for Fumble Recoveries
-Nate James Fumble Recovery for a TOUCHDOWN
-Jaqualin Brisco 9,
-Tory Minor 8,
-Jerrid Wright 7,
-Tyler Liss 6, Zach Whitfield, William Henderson, and Josh Cleveland all had 5,
-Thor Long and Spanky had 4,
-Kyle Crick, Zach Fortune, James Holt and #52 all had 3.
Cats vs. Panthers
-Thor Long had 4 Completions.
-Tyler Liss had 3 Completions.
-Tory Minor had 3 Receptions for 45 yards
-Nate James had 2 Receptions for 87 yards
-Zach Whitfield had 2 Reception for 22 yards
-Nate James had 107 yards Rushing
-Jason Shelton had 24 yards Rushing
-Zach Whitfield had 26 yards Rushing
-Thor Long had 33 yards Rushing
-Jerrell Mays had a Fumble Recovery
-Jerrid Wright Blocked a Field Goal
-William Henderson had a Sack
-Tory Minor had a Sack
-Tory Minor had 8,
-Zach Whitfield 7,
-Jerrid Wright and Thor Long had 6, -Jaquelin Briscoe, Tyler Liss, William Henderson, and Spanky all had 4,
-Zach Fortune and Nate James had 3.
Cats 54 VS. Roach 26


-Great Blocking by Offensive Linemen

-Thor Long had 6 Completions:

-Tory Minor had 4 Receptions: 7, 9, 15, and 45 yards

-Thor Long had 103 yards on 4 carries with 2 Touchdowns

-Zach Whitfield had 115 yards on 5 carries with 2 Touchdowns

-Nate James had 88 yards on 6 carries with 1 Touchdown

-Jason Shelton had 93 yards on 3 carries with 1 Touchdown

-Eric Hosek had 4 Extra Points

*Tory Minor had 2 Key Downfield Blocks


-Defense Blocked 4 Field Goals

-Nate James had a Touchdown Saving Tackle

-Jason Shelton Blocked Pass

-Spanky and William Henderson had 1 Fumble Recovery each.


-Jaquelen Briscoe had 14 Tackles

-Tory Minor had 9,

-Jerred Wright, Zack Whitfield, and Nate James all had 7,

-Thor Long had 6, Tyler Liss, Kyle Crick, and Joe Peters all had 5 Tackles,

-James Holt, Kauilon Taylor, and William Henderson all had 4 Tackles, Jason Shelton and Zach Fortune had 3 Tackles.

Piner "B" Team Highlights
Can someone help us with the first 2 games. I know that Tyler Perkins ran a Touchdown vs. McKinney North.
Cats Vs. Highland Park
-Deandre Dorsey Interception
-Patrick McGovern Interception
-Ryan Olson QB Sack
-Zach Martinez Fumble Recovery
Honorable Mention:
Josh Martinez "Hit of the Night"
-Tyler Perkins 6 Tackles
-?? Fumble Recovery for a TD
Cats Vs. McKinney Dowell
-Defense held on 1st and Goal!
-Kevin Crick and Lineman-3 straight 1st Downs
-Trey Hudgins 1 Completion to Josh Martinez
-Touchdown Saving Tackles by DeAndre Dorsey and Ryan McBride
-Kevin Crick 35yard Run
-Jeremy Pimm Fumble Recovery
-Andrew Ramirez for Good Block
Tyler Perkins with 7, Kevin Crick, Trae Cherry, Stephen Sancho, and Josh Martinez all had 5, Jeremy Pimm 3, Josh Parks, DeAndre Dorsey, Chris Hollis, Griffin Papaila, Jordan Smith, and Zak Zafar all had 2.
Cats vs. Cougars
Can someone please help us with B Team STATS
Cats vs. Staley
-Tyler Perkins gets the LIONHEART AWARD, Played with injury to hand
-Tyler Perkins had 24 yards Rushing
-Kevin Crick had 50 yards Rushing
-#14 had 16 yards Rushing
-Trey Hudgins through a 28 yard Touchdown Pass to Josh Martinez
-Trey Hudgins had 2 Completions to Josh Martinez
Defensive Tackles:
Josh Martinez 6, #29 had 3, 32, Zach Martinez, and Tyler Perkins had 2,.
#33 had a Pass Deflection
-Tyler Perkins Forced Fumble
-#63 had a Fumble
Cats vs. Panthers
Trey Hudgins Completed 4 Passes
Josh Martinez had 2 Receptions
Josh Martinez had an Interception
#29 had a good game
#45 had a Touchdown Saving Tackle
Stephan Sanchez had 8 Tackles and 2 Sacks
Cats 24 vs. Roach 0
-Morgan Spears made 3 Extra Points
-Great Blocking by the Offensive Linemen
-Trey Hudgins had 10 Completions:
-Griffin Papaila had 3 Receptions for 35 yards and 1 Touchdown
-Ryan McBride had 2 Receptions for 23 yards
-Josh Martinez had 3 Receptions for 66 yards
-Kevin Crick had 2 Receptions and 1 Touchdown, 64 Total yards
-Sevin Jefferson had 2 Receptions for 16 yards
-Trey Hudgins had 33 yards rushing
-Sevin Jefferson had 20 yards rushing
-Kevin Crick had 32 yards rushing
-Josh Parks had a Safety
-Griffin Papaila, Trae Cherry, Kevin Crick, and Josh Parks all had 4 Tackles.
-Jeremy Pimm, Ryan McBride, Josh Martinez, Robert Gallardo, Chris Albert,and Zach Martinez all had 3 Tackles. 
-Tyler Vaugh, Sydney Phillips, Robert Gay, and Dillon Parker all had 2 Tackles. 
-#55, Ryan McCann, Gavin Higgins, Chad Leland, and Phillip Daniel all had 1 Tackle.


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